Essity Canada


Essity in Canada had a diaper machine that needed an upgrade in terms of a whole new section, new programming and engineering. Due to upgraded production the factory needed new functions that the existing machine simply wasn’t able to perform. The new programming had to be built from zero.
Essity has a longterm collaboration with TechTribe for these kind of projects. When they met some obstacles along the way – in the middle of the pandemic with travelling restrictions – most of the work had to be done on distance. Of course, this situation induced delays for all parties, but despite the inconvenience, TechTribe were able to deliver on schedule.


Julien Boudreau, factory project leader, Essity Canada:
– Peter Christensen, Senior Specialist Machinery Safety & Motion Control from TechTribe, who has done most of the programming for our machines during the years, made the set up on remote. TechTribe supplied the new programming overseas, trial and error and so on. The electrical parts, the engineering, the startup and the last corrections were made on site when the restrictions were lifted. The dedicated effort from TechTribe, both remote and on site led to a successful result.


Julien Boudreau again:
– We now have great efficiency on the machine. We made the final corrections in December 2021 and the machine now does exactly what we want it to do. It’s a success story, really. The machine is working well and we saved a lot of money upgrading the existing machine instead of investing in a new one, which was our only other option.

– We have always had a great collaboration with TechTribe. They always deliver on schedule and despite the time difference, we have a good communication with them. A longterm relationship, fruitful for both parts.

About Essity Canada

The factory is located in Drummondville, Qc, Canada producing various incontinence products under the TENA brand to be sold worldwide. The Drummondville plant employs around 180 employees and have been in operation by Essity (formerly SCA) for a few decades.