“Our factory is located in the original premises in Mölnlycke, where Essity’s history once began. We are a small factory within the company, with about 40 employees who work in three shifts. We manufacture a unique paper called Airlaid. However, our paper differs from other Airlaid because we have a special blend of fibers. Therefore, we only manufacture paper for our own production of washcloths and washing gloves under the brands TENA, Tork and Libero. We manufacture approximately 1 million products per day.”

One of the many tasks of the manufacturing machines is to ensure the right number of washcloths are produced per packaging unit. When Essity and chief engineer Dragorad Vasic discovered that two machines were miscalculating, they quickly understood that this was a mechanical problem. And the apparent technical solution meant that the company could not secure its production volume.


“TechTribe has been a supplier to us for over 12 years now. Both in terms of complete solutions and smaller sub-projects. In general, we turn to TechTribe in development projects to ensure increased machine safety and updating of our systems. They have also been suppliers to other Essity factories around the world. It therefore felt natural to ask TechTribe if they could help us develop a solution.”

When TechTribe stepped through the factory doors in Mölnlycke, the main task was to solve the machines’ miscalculation. It quickly turned out that the performance of the electrical systems was not good enough. The solution therefore became a turnkey concept to achieve expected capacity, and at the same time solve the problem. In this way, it was also possible to meet Essity’s requirements, routines and rules regarding factory machines. Subsequently, TechTribe rebuilt the machine’s electrical system and replaced associated parts such as cables and cabinets. Finally, the machines were upgraded and commissioned, where unpredictable errors were discovered and adjusted before final delivery of the solution.

“We looked at several solutions from other suppliers, but TechTribe’s was unique and customized to our problems, needs and operations. This solution suited us best.”


The machines are finally counting correctly again. But the solution has also stabilized the machines’ performance during production and, above all, the safety level of all machine parts has been raised.

“It is very important that our machines meet our safety requirements. So, there is security for us in working with TechTribe because they know our business and our internal guidelines. We know each other well, speak the same language using the same industry terms and have a history of previous collaborations. In our experience, TechTribe is highly competent, easy to work with and very helpful. They always show up when we need them.”

About Essity

Essity is a global hygiene and health company that increases people’s well-being through products and services. The company formerly belonged to SCA, which was founded in 1929, while their hygiene expertise dates back to 1849. Sales take place in about 150 countries under brands such as TENA, Tork, Libero and Libresse. Essity has about 46,000 employees, of which about 40 are employed at the factory in Mölnlycke, just outside Gothenburg, Sweden.


Contact person:

Dragorad Vasic, Factory Manager at Global Manufacturing, Essity