At TechTribe, we choose our partners with care. And it’s clear what we’re looking for — because we value long-term relationships, we’re happy to choose partners who, with a wide range of products, can support us over a majority of our projects. When we choose a partner, we also value high availability, quick response, creative solutions and taking responsibility every step of the way.

It is also through our partners that we get the necessary training. This, along with our certifications, guarantees that we maintain the quality that is expected of us.



Provide a groundbreaking manufacturing technology for low cost, high performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products. By pioneering the technology of cellulose molding they enable to replace single-use plastics with a sustainable and cost competitive alternative.



Their leading industrial software, together with OSIsoft’s world-class operational data management, empowers the people behind industries to engineer smarter, operate better and drive sustainable efficiency.



Siemens is a world-leading supplier of control systems, drives and low-voltage products. TechTribe has extensive experience with Siemens products and is one of the few certified users in Sweden.



A major supplier of automation within drives and low-voltage products. Rockwell has an extensive range of products, making them a significant partner for TechTribe.

KUKA System-Partner Landscape CMYK


German Kuka is one of the world's largest suppliers of robots. With expertise in both industrial as well as collaborative robots or cobots, they truly meet our needs.


Swedish ABB Robotics is another important supplier of ours, providing industrial robots.

Wasa Kredit

Through Wasa Kredit we can offer leasing solutions for our equipment, it should be easy to automate your production!