Paper is the new black
Together with PulPac, we develop machines for the production of competetive paper products!
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Modula PU300
Together with PulPac we are setting a new world standard for packaging.
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Together with PulPac we are setting a new world standard for packaging.

It’s not the material, or the machine or even the product. It’s a quite brilliant idea, and a revolutionizing technology that turns ordinary pulp into any rigid, three dimensional products, using almost no water. And it’s fast.


Our method as humans of turning resources into processes, matching our ambitions without increasing our workload.

A group of individuals with shared interests, working together to achieve shared goals.

Our team of technicians enable technology for fast production

Togehter with PulPacs team we have been able to develop a line for production of products made in cellulose. 

We call it Modula PU300.

Dry Molded Fiber is exactly what it says.

A technology to form rigid, three-dimensional products from cellulose fiber that requires almost no water.


Dry Molded Fiber fits into current systems

The technology’s unmatched forming capabilities enable product features like undercuts, snapfit, denesting, and stacking is no problem.


Enabling competitive unit economics

Dry Molded Fiber forms cellulose in a unique way and beats other fiber methods when it comes to speed, cost and quality.


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