TechTribe for Tomorrow

The definition of sustainable development is simple and obvious. Everyone has to do what they can for the sake of future generations – so do we at TechTribe. We think holistically; socially, economically and environmentally, and knows that continuous and improving quality work leads to both sustainable development and greater commitment.

As part of this responsibility, the ten points we call TechTribe for Tomorrow were born. These ten points, which go far beyond statutory obligations, are our guiding stars and contributions to being able to meet tomorrow with the best possible conditions.


To ensure efficient processes and high quality, we are certified according to the environmental management system ISO14001 and the quality management system ISO9001. When outside eyes examine us, there is no chance to relax, but we must constantly get better.


We stop at regular intervals to question our own processes, routines and methods. Nothing is so good that it cannot change and get better!


We integrate environmental issues into everything we do. We think before we act in order to choose the most environmentally friendly alternative in all possible cases, regardless of whether it is a matter of purchasing or internal processes.


We avoid in any way we can to generate waste. When necessary, we ensure that it is carefully sorted for the best possible recycling.


We analyze risk on an ongoing basis to prevent the CO2 emissions and the chemical consumption that is unfortunately a necessity in our business today. We are actively looking for better alternatives that do less damage.


We take care of our resources and strive for minimal consumption. We ensure that we never consume more material than necessary, do not drive a single mile unnecessarily or buy things we absolutely do not need.


The truth is in the eyes of the beholder. We work closely with our clients in close collaboration, which gives us the opportunity for close reconciliations to ensure that we meet everyone's expectations and deliver quality at all levels.


Diversity is a matter of course for us. When we allow ourselves to be curious about differences, the opportunity for development and new approaches is born. That is why we work actively to create an organization where everyone is included and important.


We take responsibility for the well-being and safety of our employees. We encourage wellness, engage with people and ensure that everyone has the training and equipment required to avoid accidents.


We devote resources to our commitment to the heart issues we are passionate about - because we can and because we want to. For us, Hand in Hands work is a little extra close to the heart.