Special machines for industry

If a process can be described, then it can most likely also be streamlined and quality-assured using automation. At TechTribe, we can help all customers, whatever their industry. For us, every customer and challenge is unique. That’s why we offer customised production solutions as complete or part-deliverables, manufactured to suit the needs of each individual business. Using advanced engineering, many years of experience and solid knowledge, we tailor production equipment from design, manufacturing and programming through to installation. We use modular lines, cells and robots to help you convert your operations from manual to automated.

Perhaps we already have a standardised solution to suit you?

Mechanical design

We have solid experience in both electrical design and mechanical design. With the help of our CAD experts’ models and visualisations, we create a basis for drawings and documentation of customised solutions, which are always based on our customers’ specific needs and wishes.

Over the years, TechTribe has built up a wealth of experience that allows us to customise production equipment for all companies, industries and types of production. We ensure that your machine fulfils its purpose, functions as it should and complies with the laws and regulations relating to drawing, dimensioning, documenting, manufacturing and assembling within Europe and/or the USA. When designing we also make sure we carry out analyses to calculate the lifespan of your production equipment, and to troubleshoot and document the drawing down to the smallest component detail.


TechTribe has a large, full-service workshop offering water-jet cutting, CNC-controlled machines, manual manufacturing machines and welding equipment. Our skilled employees can use this state-of-the-art equipment to realise virtually any design.


With our in-depth knowledge and experience of programming within automation and control and regulation, we guarantee that our solutions will meet all your expectations. Applying structured ways of working such as GAMP, we quality-assure our work


Once the production equipment has been designed, manufactured and programmed, it has to be assembled. All components are assembled into the production equipment to meet the customer’s expectations. During installation, we also carry out testing and troubleshooting on functions and components. We also usually offer our customers the chance to attend a trial run with us in our workshop.

On final delivery, one of our skilled fitters installs the production equipment, together with a programmer and an electrician. We also offer associated add-ons, servicing and upgrades to suit our customers’ needs and wishes.