Yara Marine Technologies


Yara Marine Technologies makes marine technology greener. With the help of water, all different types of ships and their engines can be purified from exhaust fumes. The system is called a scrubber and comes in three different variants; Open Loop, Closed Loop or Hybrid System, which is a combination of both.


“We take in water from the sea chest and then pump it through the scrubber system where the exhaust gases go through the scrubber tower and the soot particles are taken out of the water. The water can then either be sent overboard or to a tank so that it can be re-used for exhaust gas purification.”


To purify the water, it is directed via pumps, valves and sensors where the different values ​​of the exhaust gases emitted by the ship are measured. For the entire scrubber system to function and be controlled, control systems, operator panels and electrical cabinets are required. For this, Yara Marine Technologies has enlisted the help of TechTribe.


“The electrical cabinets are an incredibly important part of our scrubber system. This is the basis for our water treatment systems to work, but we do not have our own expertise within the company to be able to build electrical cabinets. The installations are made here in Sweden but are sent all over the world in containers. This means that there is no margin in time and that the quality must be very high. That is exactly why we choose TechTribe,” says Mattias Ärnekvist, Head of Electrics and Automation.



TechTribe builds electrical cabinets according to the drawings and construction sketches sent from Yara Marine Technologies. Before installation, TechTribe always check that the electrical cabinets will work as desired and as intended. As there are new regulations for the marine industry regarding emissions, it is required that the electrical cabinet and the scrubber system fulfill their purpose. If not, this can have devastating consequences for both the marine company and the environment.


“TechTribe always reviews our drawings, our requests and descriptions. If something wrong is discovered or if something does not meet the performance we want to achieve, they always come back with suggestions for improvement or tell us what needs to be fixed before the installation takes place. They can also come out to our test center to carry out service or deliver materials. Sometimes changes can take place in a short time and TechTribe is very flexible,” Mattias Ärnekvist explains.


Yara Marine Technologies and TechTribe have for many years worked out a work process together to be able to secure deliveries in the long term, but also to improve and streamline drawings and constructions.


“We have continuous meetings where we talk about how we can get better in the future – both as a customer and supplier. It means a lot to us. Improving and simplifying makes it smoother and more efficient at all levels and for everyone,” says Mattias Ärnekvist.




The electrical cabinets that TechTribe deliver are available on many different vessels around the world and are part of Yara Marine Technology’s scrubber system that purifies water and contributes to a cleaner, exhaust-free environment. With ever-higher demands, laws and regulations on ship emissions, higher performance for electrical cabinets is also required to ensure the functionality of treatment systems.


“For us, it is important not only to deliver on time, before the container leaves port, but also that the installation is correct. It requires that you have an understanding of our water treatment system and are service-minded and solution-focused. It’s TechTribe. They’re just a phone call away, really. That’s important in our daily work but also in the future, because we must constantly improve our systems. I value the good cooperation we have,” concludes Mattias Ärnekvist.


About Yara Marine Technologies

Yara Marine Technologies delivers complete Sox-cleaning emission control systems to the marine segment. The company was founded in 2014 after Green Tech Marine was acquired by Yara International ASA. The company is a pioneer in technology for emission reduction and can deliver solutions regardless of vessel and engine type. Yara Marine Technologies is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has offices in Sweden and China.


Contact person:

Mattias Ärnekvist, Head of Electrics and Automation