Nolato Gota


Nolato Gota is active in the development and production of injection-molded plastic products. In addition to conventional injection molding, the company is especially focused on 2K, casting, welding, decoration, automation and robotic application of seals and assembly.


“At Nolato Gota, we have long collaborated with TechTribe because we know that together with them we always figure out the solution to every automation technnology challenge we face,” says Jonas Labecker, Project Manager Engineering at Nolato Gota.

”We often know what the result needs to be, but not how we get there. TechTribe is our innovative partner when it comes to taking the process from start to finish. A close collaboration where we as a customer never really buy a ready-made and existing solution. We simply develop the solution together,” Jonas explains.


”In this specific case, which we call HWAS, we needed a complex production cell that would operate in several stages. The starting point was an injection-molding machine that produced a plastic part. And several new sub-constructions or equipment were required to be able to manufacture the right end product – which in this case was a component under the hood of a car,” says Jonas.

The first part of the project was to design and manufacture grippers for the ABB robots that grip and move the components in the various steps in our production process. The second part consisted of the design and manufacture of process equipment that refines the product, ie assembles several components into a finished delivery unit. This equipment was placed in the production cell operated by the ABB robots. The plastic part would also be produced in several different variants, which meant that equipment had to be flexible in order to be able to easily and quickly switch between the different variants.

“We went to TechTribe to procure equipment that would solve a technical production challenge, but also to solve the technology behind which controls and communicates with the production cell,” says Jonas.



TechTribe developed a total of eight robotic tools, two for each delivery unit. They also developed the automation equipment that communicated with the production cells.


“So it’s not just about TechTribe manufacturing and assembling different components, but they are also responsible for PLC programming, which means that their equipment communicates with other equipment. In short, it can be said that TechTribe here delivered several pieces of the puzzle that were suitable for solving it. It requires high technological competence, an innovative approach and a deep understanding of both our production process and the end-customer’s needs,” concludes Jonas.

About Nolato Gota

Nolato’s operations consist of developing and manufacturing mainly customer-specific products, and in some cases standard products, in polymeric materials such as plastic, silicone and TPE.

Through long experience, solid material and process knowledge, early participation in the customer’s project, qualified project management and good knowledge of each individual customer’s conditions, Nolato is an efficient and innovative partner.