Emulate3D Controls Testing & Emulate3D Ultimate are industry-leading 3D emulation software tools used across multiple industries. The software is designed to test your PLC logic not only before you need to go on site, but also without developing any mechanical or manufacturing processes.

With the Emulate3D Controls Testing software, you can test and debug your control system offline, before the actual equipment is built and without disrupting ongoing production. Remove commissioning from the critical path of the automation project and work efficiently in parallel with system construction and installation. Reduce commissioning time and costs, and shorten your time to market by running logic tests on your system’s digital twin in a secure and controlled virtual environment before launching on site.

A flexible and easy-to-use physics-based PLC Virtual Controls test tool used to design, simulate and emulate industrial processes. A specialised technique for developing the Dynamic Digital Twin of a machine or system to test and debug the control system under realistic operating conditions. A software solution used by a wide range of automation integrators, OEMs, end users and technical solution providers globally.

Emulate3D Controls Testing models are digital twins that can be connected to multiple PLCs as well as to other manufacturers’ products via a wide range of industrial standard protocols. The Emulate3D framework also facilitates robust connections to WMS, WCS and ERP systems for high-level emulation.

  • Test with fully reproducible load sequences
  • Reduce on-site troubleshooting time
  • Produce more thoroughly tested and robust solutions
  • Train operators safely in normal operation and failure recovery sequences

View, control and demonstrate your machine in a virtual reality (VR) environment. Invite your customers into the VR experience by logging into your model remotely, so you can discuss the latest project changes.

Emulate3D Controls Testing Perpetual

Emulate3D Controls Testing enables users to build exact dynamic models of the machine or system and connect them to real control systems to verify logical operation before building the real system.

Emulate3D Controls Testing Runtime Perpetual

Emulate3D Controls Testing Runtime makes it possible to run models built with the Controls Testing software.

Emulate3D Ultimate Perpetual

Create dynamic system models from standard or user-defined catalogue items or directly from CAD models. Systems can be expanded from parameter-driven subsystems such as palletisers, robot cells or sorting systems to completely custom-built machines or production lines. Conduct tests on the model to analyse throughput speed, identify bottlenecks and dimension resources to understand the system’s response to operational changes. Use Controls Testing to connect the model to the real control system to verify the control logic before commissioning the real system.

Emulate3D Ultimate Runtime Perpetual

Emulate3D Ultimate Runtime enables virtual commissioning and testing of models designed in Emulate3D Ultimate. Users can update tag links, move around small elements like photo eyes, and run tests with different parameter sets in the Runtime software. Model changes must be made using Ultimate Perpetual.